Forte Technical Designers.

Technology Consulting for Construction Projects.



AudioVisual Consulting That Works

Audiovisual and low voltage systems form an important part of your client’s project. We know that Audiovisual is often poorly planned, coordinated, and executed due to lack of clarity. This lack of clarity causes lost efficiency for your projects.

Forte is a group of passionate technical designers working to make your construction project more accurate, effective and profitable. We work exclusively for design & construction professionals like you as an extension of your project team.

Our practice is informed by decades of deep on-site experience on construction projects like yours. We will help you bring clarity to your client’s needs, coordinate supporting trades, and support competitive bidding to deliver value to your clients and profits for your project.

  • Concept Development and Needs Assessment

  • Construction Documentation Co-Ordination with Other Trades

  • Specification Development to Support Competitive Bidding

We Do Data, Security, and POS Too

Our team of subject matter experts bring the experience to design Data, Security, and POS Too. This allows us to develop a cohesive and integrated low voltage package to support your project.

Some Simple Principles for Success

Our work for you is governed by some really simple principles:

  • Keep It Simple - The world has enough over-engineerings, let’s focus on simple clean technical design

  • Speak Clearly - At every step our objective is to bring clarity to the process, the expectations and what’s expected in the end

  • Everyone Wins - Our work is built upon mutual value. We win when you win, and you win when your clients win.

Projects That Work

We offer you expertise in unique technology applications on projects including Workspaces and Conferencing, Restaurants and Retail, Education & Training, and Command and Contact Centres.


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